Crunch, swoosh, crunch, swoosh, go the footsteps on the leaf-strewn forest floor.

When I used to do on-line gaming, my avatar’s name was Autumn Mist, so named, because this is my favorite time of year. The brilliant colors, rainy days, crisp temperatures and soothing, misty weather is my element.

Fall also means football, and sadly my son’s football season is over for the year. We enjoyed his last game in the pouring rain, warm drops soaking through to the skin. They lost, but that wasn’t what the game was about. It was about perseverance despite a losing season, being part of a community and through those losses, learning to become men.

They went from conference champions last year, to a losing record this year. After years of winning, they learned that sometimes life doesn’t go how you had hoped and dreamed it would.

Seasons change, and in the Fall, the dead and dying gets shed. The emptiness of loss, makes way for fresh, new growth when the time is right.

The memories of those losses that we experience, become the nutrients for our future experiences to grow on. May we all enjoy the seasons of life. Yes, winter is coming, but so is the spring