Annie Get Your Gun!

I mentioned that it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. While bungee jumping isn’t on my list of things to do someday, taking a pistol shooting class has been. I got my Conceal Carry License last March, because a friend of mine wanted volunteers for practice, since she was going to be teaching the class. But before I even consider carrying (if I ever do), I felt I needed more education.

I scheduled a class for both my 16 year-old son and I, not only as a mother/son bonding occasion, but to ensure my son was taught the same safety rules and respect for weapons, as my father had taught me. Yes, I was nervous. I hadn’t shot any kind of gun since deer hunting in my early 20s, which I only did to impress a former boyfriend. My son Dave has hunted with shotguns, but he’d never handled a pistol. I’ll admit going in, it was scary, but isn’t ignorance scarier still?

The class ran two days and was limited to eight students. Surprisingly, five of the eight students were women. Two of the women were friends in their 60s, who were curious and wanted to know more! The class was very thorough, the first day focusing on different types of pistol action, safe handling rules, and learning to operate and dry-fire single action revolvers, double action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Our instructor was funny, engaging and taught us well, in a way that made me feel safe. It helped that he was an expert with all firearms, pistol, shotgun and rifle.

The second day I was so scared. Time to fire live rounds at the range! Dave and I rock-paper-scissored for who was going first. I won, so I made him go first. I was impressed at how safe the instructor made everything. We shot semi-automatics provided for the class, and were only allowed to chamber one bullet at a time. As we gained knowledge and comfort through practice, he allowed us to build up to multiple cartridges in a magazine. I was impressed with how controlled everything was!

To complete the class, we had to pass both a written test and a shooting test. Initially, the purpose for taking this class was to educate Dave and myself. Now we are thinking about practicing more and perhaps joining a league. We had that much fun! I recommend anyone wanting to learn more, to give it a “shot” and take a class, I think you’d be quite surprised.

I can check this off my bucket list, but I think it’s one I’ll certainly think about revisiting!