Steam Punk’d

Yesterday, I finally got to spend the day with my oldest son Luke. I have wanted to go to this steam punk convention in a nearby city for several months and was going to go with people from work, but Luke kindly went with me since he shares my interest in this type of thing.


If I could do my wedding over again, it would have been steampunk style. I absolutely love it! The dresses, the suits, it’s all so romantic. When we went to the convention, the costumes were remarkable to see. In fact, EVERYONE was in costume. Well, everyone but two people, one of them being Luke.

I didn’t expect much when we went, I thought it would be similar to the Comic-Con that I attended last June, just a bunch of junk vendors. This was so much different, and so much better! There were quality steam punk weapons, gadgets, gears and gowns for purchase. Plenty of demonstrations, from cooking to Waltz lessons with a ball afterwards! (Luke, you chicken!) Some of the demos sounded flaky, stuff that I never would attend, but many were interesting. I even got some portraits done, with some cool steam punk backgrounds.20171104_150342.jpg

The quality of the costumes and the lengths that people went to dress up was utterly fantastic. It was like being on the set of one of the more recent Sherlock Holmes movies. I had fun dressing up and Luke said he would like to go again next year and he’d dress up too.

My daydreams have often involved swirling gowns at a grand ball, amid intrigue, dangerous men and fascinating gadgets. I love how events like these allow us to indulge in these fantasies for a little while.