I’m a Zero…

What are you?

One only need look at Facebook, to see our quest for self-discovery. I see so many of you, my friends and family, that engage in all kinds of fun personality tests and quizzes. There are quizzes to show what’s your spirit animal, which Disney character you are, what McDonald’s item you are (Do we really need to know this?) and more…

In one of my final classes this semester, we had to take some extensive – and expensive – personality tests, and then meet with the teacher via video conference, to discuss the results. Afterwards we had to write about our personality strengths and weaknesses.

The test we took was called the Hogan Leadership Summary. My classmates and I were rated from 0 to 100 on twenty-eight different personality traits. Two traits shocked me, one was my being 100% “reserved” and the other, a zero, was “affiliation” which is my desire for social interaction. I mean, I was aware of these traits, but to this extreme? My professor told me I “seem” reserved or indifferent but it doesn’t mean I “am.” She said it just means that people just can’t read me.

When I went to write about my results, some of my positive traits were: Good listener, good problem-solver, practical, flexible, good with difficult people, ignores politics, loves learning, direct and modest. My negative traits were: Blunt, aloof, doesn’t take chances, challenges authority, doesn’t self-promote, unconcerned about rules/procedures, and a maverick. Wait, some of these are negatives? Uh, okay.

So, let’s take a quiz! Putting all the wacky Facebook quizzes aside, I found the one linked below to be fun and somewhat accurate compared to others out there. Plus it’s free.

My favorite paid-for personality test is StrengthsQuest. I took this one at another school I attended. It is somewhere around $10 bucks if you’re interested.

I’m an ISNJ Architect, what are you?