It’s big, it’s obnoxious, it’s loud, and it’s mine.

It’s my family and I love them.

Another Thanksgiving has passed and happily into the Christmas season we go. We ate, we watched football, we reminisced.

Somehow, we started watching Kentucky Fried Movie excerpts. We had watched that movie over and over as teens, to the point where I could recite it by rote. Some things you never forget, and this sort of bawdy humor reminded me of my youth, long gone, and my family members that journeyed with me this far.

We also watched old Kung Fu excerpts on YouTube and the Legend of Old Gregg. (What is wrong with you Brits’ humor, oh my! That was so, so, BAD!) The kids gamed downstairs, dogs barked, people came and went, we laughed, we joked, and we picked on each other. We made our mother shake her head with our antics. We ate more food. I miss times like these and I’m always glad when this time of the year comes around, because it means more time together.

Christmas Eve will be at our house this year and I’m looking forward to a full, loud, happy house and (in addition to our Lord) a renewed focus on what really matters.