Ain’t life Grad?

A college graduate, that’s me. Bachelor of Science in Management, Magna Cum Laude.

I never thought I would reach this goal. But as Nelson Mandela said: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Here I am, graduating at age 50. I have many mixed emotions about finishing. I am so very glad to be done, but sad because I have this insatiable thirst to continue learning. Maybe now I should take some fun classes like photography or art, but I don’t know that they will keep my mind stimulated enough.

I must say I got a lot more out of my education by going when I was older, than if I had gone straight out of high school. My young classmates exasperated me at times with their lack of common sense. I’d have been right there with them at that age, I imagine. Another thing that shocked me was the lack of those who were graduating with honors/high honors. In the morning ceremony there were only 18% of us with cordons. I don’t know why but it made me sad to see so many without any honors designation. The whole thing was quite an odd ceremony but I’m very glad to have participated.

And now, my bachelor’s degree acceptance speech in true Academy Awards fashion:

There are a few people I need to thank. First off, Devon – you wisely steered me to go for the bachelor’s instead of another associate’s. Your encouragement and guidance will never be forgotten, my sincerest thanks. I am truly, forever indebted to you. Second, to my employer, for paying for most of my degree, I am oh-so-thankful for our reimbursement program. Third, to Andy, for mentoring me on so many topics in the industry. You made it easy to succeed with all the information you provided me. Fourth, to my PolScience Professor, your feedback has been the best and most thoughtful I have ever encountered. Since you made me write 18 papers, I had ample material for said feedback, I thank you for your personalized replies. Last and most importantly, my family and friends who had to put up with my freak-outs over grades, long papers, awful teachers, and all of the time that I had to invest in my endeavor, which took me away from you.

To anybody out there who has given up on your dreams because you are too old or any other excuse you can come up with – it’s never too late. What have you given up on, that once-upon-a-time you used to daydream about? It’s time to get out there and chase that dream because eventually you’ll capture it, just like me.

And what will I do now? I think it’s time for grad school.