Off Ramp

I had more doctor appointments this week. I’ve been blessed so far, but my mind wanders to the negative. Why are we at our most creative, when it comes to imagining the worst possible outcomes?

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Stage Coach

This is the first of what I’ll call a “Daisy Post.” It is basically going to be me documenting my experience in dealing with breast cancer. If you see the daisies, you can skip it, if it’s too much information for you.

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Don’t Fear the Reaper

Today was supposed to be a good day. It’s a Friday and my brother whom I work with, just got his P.E. license and I had gotten my acceptance letter into grad school. But there came other, unwelcome news.

I have cancer.

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Wither Thou Ghost

There’s an old song from the 50’s that is based off the book of Ruth, called “Whither Thou Goest.” I came across the song while co-piloting, as we drove to Georgia and Florida during Christmas and New Year’s break, to see “my people.” If you ever want to come across some interesting music selections, just drive a thousand miles through the mid-section of the country without satellite radio.

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Absolute Zero

This was the year I decided to become a Polar Bear. I have always wanted to join the crazies on the lake front and jump in the frigid winter waters of Lake Michigan at noon on New Year’s Day.

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