Just Ducky

A week after I wrote about the dangerous high waves of Lake Michigan HERE, we once again revisited the Port Washington lake front. This time the lake was nearly smooth as glass.


Temps were in the mid-50s and it was perfect walking weather. The lake front abounded with families, dogs and fishermen, all enjoying the chance to finally get outdoors in the beautiful weather, especially after two consecutive snowstorms dumped several inches upon us, earlier in the week.


The lighthouse stood relaxed and peaceful, quite different from last weekend’s violent churning of the waves around it.


The force of last week’s waves had damaged handrails along the breakwater and temporary fixes have been rigged, until repairs can be made.


We watched as fishermen hauled in their catch, putting themselves at risk, in order to capture the big one.


I was especially surprised by the variety of waterfowl types we saw, since in prior years I have only seen Mallards at the Lake.


We watched a Red-Breasted Merganser, the “rock star” of ducks, dive for fish. Audubon.org says they are one of the fastest birds on earth and can swallow fish up to a foot long! This fact is surprising, because it is seemingly an average sized duck. The Mergansers are beautifully marked, and I loved their rock-star “hair.”


As the early evening progressed, the sky turned marvelous pastel shades, typical at sunset for the Lake. I can never seem to get enough of the view when it looks like this. I feel blessed to be able to enjoy sunsets like this regularly.


We had put on several miles spanning from the breakwater over to Coal Dock Park and would have continued, but our old dog needed to rest. He’s soundly asleep at my feet as I write, exhausted. The day ended a satisfying one and the fresh air was much needed, to clear my head from the stale extended winter season, and refresh my tired soul.

Like last week can attest, the storms may come, violent and vicious and the winds may rage and howl. You may end up battered, scarred, and damaged but when the storm is over, peace, goodness, and beauty are all around you, if you look for them.