‘Tard and Feathered

A short post from the road today, as tomorrow will be a day for adventuring, let’s hope the formatting works…

I’m not the artistic type. I can’t match colors, I can’t sew or knit nor draw or paint. In fact, I am quite artistically retarded.

I’ve done the paint nights, I’ve made a quilt, I’ve tried jewelry making, and I’ve tried my hand at making wood signs, all with some minor successes.

But steel and metal, these I know. As a mechanical designer, I know the limits to push the grain to bend, and the crystalline structure. I know the tools, the cuts, the copes and gauges. Metal and I, we know each other.

So when I got the opportunity to blend art and metal I could not pass it up. With copper being a soft metal, surely this would be a more forgiving art form?

The instructor had me sign a waiver stating I wouldn’t disclose her techniques, since she has a copyright or something, and also that I wouldn’t hold her liable for any injuries. And indeed I bled.

So after getting cut, poked, and full of copper splinters, this was my final creation. Certainly interesting enough to whet my appetite for more of the same.

Like most people I find it satisfying to create, build, and work with my hands. Will I ever find my niche, that art form to excel at, that satisfies? I don’t know. Like life, you just gotta keep trying.

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