A Place to B-Log

This week marks my one-year blogging anniversary, and now I ask myself whether this will be my last post or not. For me, blogging was always a bucket list thing, and now I can check that one off and move on, or I can continue to share my thoughts and adventures.

As I’ve blogged, I have had a few people ask me about using Word Press and what it all has. I thought it might be nice to show everyone what I see.

I have had the “Personal Plan” which costs me about a buck a post, and what I get are: assorted blog templates to choose from, my own website, stats on views and other stuff, (which I’ll show you shortly) and 6GB of data.

View Count

Why did I sign up on a blog site, rather than continue posting on Facebook for free? Well, I wanted to be able to control and customize the layout more, and I kind of liked the idea of a website of my very own. I also wanted to see if people were really reading my posts! And they are, in small, but steady numbers. The highest views I get are usually the day I share to my Facebook audience.


On September 22 you can see the views that I received by country. It’s a fun thing to see, I love seeing the statistics!

These are the countries that have visited my site, from highest to lowest. I wish I could see by city or state!

Top 10

What have I learned over the course of this year? My top 10 most-read posts were for the loss of my brother and my posts about my cancer treatments. It’s good to know that people care. I’ve found that people like my pictures, those are always popular, and all have been my own photographs except for two and the photos used for “In Memory of…”

Sometimes I think I need to be less wordy. My blogs have been getting longer (I have much to say!) but 500 words or less seems better for today’s short attention spans.



During the week, most of my views come from people that just look at the main page and move on, shown in the top image above, from Sept 18th. I do try to capture a reader’s attention, but maybe those views are bots. Sometimes someone stops in and will read over a few random posts, shown above for Sept 10th. New visitors checking things out?

In addition to my Facebook followers, after a year I now have thirty-three Word Press followers. A few of them have a base following in the tens of thousands. It’s an honor, to think that they would follow me. I have read that it typically takes around 3 years of blogging to get a decent following, although that’s not what I’m in it for. Since I’m an extreme introvert, this is my outlet, my release.

Will I continue? I don’t know, yet.

My blogs can get a bit cheesy, but they are honest and genuine. I know there are those who have ill-will towards me, that perhaps mock me. That’s on them. If God gives me the desire to write, then I shall keep on doing it. If indeed I do keep writing, I’d like to think I’ll keep getting better at it. But maybe I’m just reinforcing the bad habits!

I do need the writing practice for another bucket list item, and that is to write a short book. The problem is, I don’t know yet, what topic. If I keep blogging, I may discover what that topic could be. If not, Grad school is providing me with plenty of writing opportunities, and feedback, should I choose to discontinue the blog.

All-Time Stats

I know I will continue trying new things and I’d like you, my reader, to give me feedback either here or on Facebook, as to whether you’d like to continue reading about them, and any suggestions you may have. Or should I save a few bucks and most importantly, my time? I’m torn.

I have an extensive bucket list to write about, since surviving cancer has a way of changing how a person looks at life. But maybe it’s time to move on. This I know, that as an introvert, this past year here has been a place to belong.