If Weed See Things Differently

On my daily walk earlier this week, I took a different route than I normally do. I usually try to walk quickly, since it has been quite cold out and the light is fleeting. As I approached the railroad tracks in my town, I came across a weed growing through a crack in the sidewalk, and it struck me as beautiful. I had to stop and take a picture.

There alone, it bloomed beautifully from a small crack, lacking rich soil or water, yet its roots must have run deep. As I thought about my flower garden at home, I realized all the pretty flowers are long dead. Yet some of the weeds remain green and strong, despite the cold, snow and frost.


I thought of how many of us are like that weed.

Just as weeds are, to those who expect the perfect lawn or garden, maybe we feel unwanted or think we’re ugly or out of place, but if we look within ourselves, there is a beauty, strength, and longevity that no delicate flower will ever master. And although to some, we are “undesirable,” we keep coming back strong, regardless of attempts to uproot and destroy us.


Despite tough conditions, we fight, we flourish and we bloom. Our roots sustain us, because we have learned from the past. I do admire the tenacity of weeds. Because although they’ve been ripped apart, trampled upon, torn up and exposed to toxicity, they still come back and thrive, and there’s a lesson to be learned from that.


Just like the weed I came across, when life’s a struggle, we must push through and strive to mature right where we’ve been planted. When it seems like there is no hope in this sometimes cold, concrete sidewalk of a world, we can reflect back at our lives and be amazed at the strength, loveliness and triumph that can sprout forth, if “weed” never give up.

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