Another Year of Rush & Collusion

Christmas is nearly upon us, and like most years I am in a panicked state. The last-minute rush to get shopping done, gifts wrapped, and food prepared has put me in a frenzy.

How many of you are a bit frantic, like me?

Tonight is Christmas Eve, the night of the biggest collusion (possibly ever) known to mankind. Nearly every parent, grandparent, older siblings and yes, even Hollywood are eager participants, myself included. This collusion happens nearly world-wide. Yes, Santa comes tonight, it’s finally Christmas Eve!

And I love everything about Christmas, except for the rush to get things done.

This year was another year that I didn’t get to enjoy the season as much. I had to prepare a 20+ page paper for my grad school class, which I finally submitted this past Friday. This paper devoured my December like a teenager with their favorite pizza. At least I was left a sliver.

With my “bit ‘O December” I went shopping on Saturday, nearly all day, along with the masses. Thankfully, It went better than expected. Not only did I find everything I needed, but instead of the crowds being grumpy, there seemed to be a more light-hearted mood in the stores this year. People smiled in the congested isles. Or perhaps more likely, it was just my view of the world, a little different from years past.

I finished my shopping, and now the fun has begun.

Enchantment at the Park

I’ve enjoyed lunch with old friends, gone to the movies to see Aquaman, traveled up north to visit my step-son, walked through the local Christmas light display, and attended a Christmas church service, all in two short days. Phew!

Today and tomorrow I will attend no less than 3 Christmas parties. But we’re not done yet, there will even be more things to do over the next week, too.

Isn’t it crazy, yet wonderful, how we can cram so much living into such a short time each year? What if we did that for a lifetime?

Christ is born!

Despite the busyness that remains for today and tomorrow, let us pause and immerse ourselves in the hope that Christmas brings, surround ourselves in the joy that is family, and reflect on the love that God has for us, that he would send his son.

My friends, may the peace of Christmas envelop you this year, like never before.