Forward, Marsh

It had been years since I had been to the marsh, and never in winter. Previously my visits had been limited to warmer times, when the vivid green growth shimmers under the water’s surface in the muggy summer sun. The clamor of geese, ducks and frogs echo in the distance and the buzz of the mosquitoes are annoyingly ever-present.

Not so in the winter.

Cattails frozen in ice at Horicon National Marsh


Or so it seemed, until I stopped, closed my eyes and listened.

To the rustle of the marsh grasses in the light breeze.

Sparrows chirp and flit playfully, in search of morsels, scarce.

The ice crackled and groaned eerily in the distance, reminding us of its instability.

Muskrat hut

The glorious cold froze my face as we sauntered along the trail, dog in tow. Or perhaps it was we, in tow of the dog, as he eagerly pulled us along, excited to explore new scents and sights. Muskrat huts dotted the marsh and I imagined them snuggled warm within their dens.

I was never a winter outdoors type, always preferring to stay indoors instead. But I’m trying and enjoying! The sights and sounds are different, despite the cold and gray. Winter nature is quiet, soothing, and peaceful when the bitter winds aren’t blustering.

Darkness started to fall and so we hurried back to the car, not wishing to get lost in the labyrinth of paths within the tall marsh grasses. The cold air had cleared my head and refreshed my soul from a slew of earthly troubles and rejuvenated me for the upcoming week.

I know it can be difficult in winter, but I encourage you my friends, to get outside, if only for a while. Next week I hope to have an exciting, new-to-me adventure to tell you about, and I eagerly await to hear stories of your own.

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  1. Being outside in nature during the winter can be amazing and I always enjoyed it, though now my health doesn’t allow for much outdoor time in the cold, except a bit on my deck with birds and other critters!

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