Double Deuced

Mother Nature dumped on us twice recently. First, we got over 15” of snow.

It’s been awhile since we got that much at once. I opted to stay home that day. I actually kind of enjoyed shoveling the powdery fluff, saving the plow-packed end of the driveway for my husband and the snowblower.

Second, we got a polar vortex dumped on us. Basically, a polar vortex is when a blob of the northern polar air, breaks free through a weak jet stream and plops down on areas that don’t typically see this kind of weather. Except it seems we have seen too much of this in recent years.

I opted to stay home for the second day this week, working on grad school homework instead. I just didn’t feel like dealing with driving, especially after a near-miss when driving to work on Tuesday.

The bitter winds are howling outside, and the winds of change coming soon in my life.  Perhaps a reveal next week, or the week after. I’ll admit I am quite afraid, but fear is a liar.

For now, a few winter pics and hopefully better days are coming.

The joys of dogs and snow.
Ice fragments pile up like broken glass, at the entryway to the Port Washington light tower.
Nature’s beautiful sculptures, artistically formed by the waves, ice shards hard and cold…

Stay warm, my friends.

3 thoughts on “Double Deuced

  1. We have been enjoying that polar vortex as well, with -61F on Tuesday, not much different yesterday and today. Somewhat milder temps arriving for a couple days, with snow, then back to cold for the next month apparently. Sigh, Muffin and I are waiting for spring. I like your dog and snow pics! I actually had a cat that was like that one time, a 25 lb long legged ball of fur that thoroughly enjoyed snow and cold, running through it like your dog! Hope your weekend is warmer.

    1. It is supposed to be in the 40s, just crazy. Hopefully you get some relief too! Spring is not far away!

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