Cancerversary I

Today, I celebrate my first full year cancer-free. I had my tumor removed via surgery a year ago. After the completion of my surgery, I have considered myself to be cancer-free, despite having to go through radiation and my being on preventative drugs for the next 5-7 years, as precautions.

I don’t know that I will celebrate my “cancerversary” every year. Perhaps just a nod and a heartfelt thank you, to God in the future.

In honor of this occasion, I wanted to post about it, but after review, my first draft was quite whiny and it focused on the negatives. I’ve decided not to give those complaints a voice. Instead, I have much to be thankful for.

There has been much good to come out of this. As my blog can attest to, there are things that I do now, that I normally wouldn’t have ever bothered with before cancer. I try to travel when possible, and I make it a point to try new things that I probably never would have, prior to having had cancer. I value time with my family much more. I am now more sympathetic to those in need.

Today is a day to celebrate and be thankful for many things. First, the savior who renews our lives, and gives us love, forgiveness, healing, and fresh starts. Also, the people both near and far, who surround us with their love. I also celebrate the confirmation of a clean bill of health at my one-year check-up. And finally, I am thankful for the persistence, courage and determination that helps keep us pushing through those difficult times in life.

As you shall soon see, better days are coming…

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