Spring Ahead

It is the eve of “spring forward,” and I listen to the hiss of ice chunks hitting my window, as they rain down from the sky. What a rough winter it has been. Early in January, I wondered if we were even going to get any snow. Then mid-January and February came, and it snowed heavily. Then we had heavy rains that turned to ice and it snowed more and more. Mixed in with the snow and ice, was the bitter cold and gray, grating on us day after day.

Layers of ice build up along Lake Michigan breakwater

Normally I don’t mind the winter, because I don’t do well in the heat. I’m a northern girl. This delicate flower wilts and withers in the sun. Instead, I prefer cold weather snuggles and reassuring layers of blankets heaped high. Cozy sweaters, stylish scarves and warm winter hats are comforting with their soft, warm textures. I can’t seem to deal with the summer heat because to me, being out in the sun is like being inside of a microwave, I radiate and the heat burns me from the inside out. Sticky, sweaty skin makes me eschew hugs or to even be near anyone, just stay away from me, hot weather makes me ornery!

Delicate blooms along the forest floor

Despite my dislike of heat, I’ve had enough of the biting cold. With new health problems, computer problems, and the never-ending grate and grind of grad school, I am weary and ready for some warmth! Winter is getting old and I’m looking forward to spring, are you?

I count the minutes by the stars reflected in your eyes…

For me, there will be a taste of warmth as I travel next week on business. Sadly, I will be out of town for my birthday, far away from family and friends. This makes me sad, but to be enveloped in soothing warm air will be gift enough!

Remember, with the blooms come the bloodsuckers

If you are like me and you are tired of the snow, ice, and bitter temperatures, remember we are almost through winter, indeed we are already in meteorological spring!

The coming of spring, the sweetest nectar!

Prov 23:18 (NLT) You will be rewarded for this: your hope will not be disappointed.

Oriental Poppies, an early, beautiful, but too brief bloom.

After long weary days of bitter cold, patience wears thin. Winter, like tough times, seems never-ending. But we have hope, yes, spring is coming.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, hopefully we can all enjoy such scenery soon, rather than just enjoying it in in photos 🙂

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