The Fine Line Between…

I used to love you, now I can’t stand you.

My dog… he loves you and they say dogs are a good judge…

He’s so happy when you’re around.

You left awhile back, for good I thought. Good riddance.

I can’t say that I missed you, yet here you are back again, unwanted.

You tickle my face and hair, in front of my husband. He laughs, you and he are in deep together. I know he never wanted to see you go.

On dark, quiet nights I’ve lain quietly with you, silently covered by you.

I won’t lie, I love looking at you, you bring joy to my eyes, yet I know you are unforgiving and cold.

I know I could make you melt, if I wanted to.

You, lily white? Ha! I’ve seen your dirty side.

Because of you, I’ve missed work, you’ve done me wrong!

I’ve had enough, so I ask, no I beg…

Please snow, go away.