Higher Than You On 4/20

Have you ever had nightmares about falling? I have. This week I’ve had several dreams about falling from an airplane – or being pushed out, without a parachute. Why?

My youngest son turned 18 this week and announced to me that he was going skydiving on his birthday, since he no longer needed my permission.

Oh, great. My mind ran wild with every possible thing that could go wrong.

He invited me to his jump, to watch from the ground, and of course I would be there for him. So, all week I fretted, was anxious and couldn’t sleep because of all the scenarios that went through my head.

On his birthday, his father and I drove down to Skydive Midwest in Sturtevant, WI to see him and his girlfriend jump. Well, it was quite windy, and I hoped they’d cancel. They did indeed cancel, and this made me feel better because of the concern for safety. After reviewing different dates and times, 9:30am on 4/20 was rescheduled for the jump.

We arrived early and the winds were still high. Several experienced skydivers went up to do a test jump and determined it was still too windy. After waiting 3 more hours, the winds calmed down – it was time.

Flashing the Larry Enticer sign for “Send It”

I fist-bumped my man-child, said a prayer and watched him and his girlfriend get on the plane. After twenty minutes, we could see tiny specks drop from the plane, and the chutes started opening. The tandem jumpers would go last, so my son would be one of the last to jump and last to land. After freefalling for a minute, the chutes opened. I could see several of the parachutes twirl in circles sideways, and what looked like upside down, making my heart sick.

Finally, all of the parachutists had landed. In the distance on the landing zone, I could see my son and his instructor, and also his girlfriend, who had landed to the left of him. They had made it safely and were grinning ear-to-ear.

My youngest son, now a man, has gone “flying” into adulthood. I can only watch with worry, yes, but also with pride at how he’s taking on his fears and proving he’s the master.

We should all be bold enough to take chances, whether large or small, and go flying headfirst into our future, no fears, no doubts, no holds barred.

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