Consummatum Est, Fili Mi!

It is finished, my son!

And so my years of child rearing are done. My youngest has graduated high school and he begins life in the real world.

The house feels empty as he begins to work full-time on 2nd shift for the summer. Just like with my older son, he’s there but not there, and eventually will be gone.

Kindergarten class reunion @ graduation

I’m proud of my sons and who they have become. As a parent there are regrets of course, of things I’d have done differently. I wish I had spent more time with my boys, now that they are drifting away.

Drifting away indeed, like a dandelion blown to the wind, I’ve released them to find their fate and watched them bloom. Remembering those same flowers in their early form, gifted to me from small hands. Lovingly rubbed on my cheeks, lemony yellow.

I am far from a poet but have written a poem in honor of my youngest son’s graduation. This is how I have seen him develop in recent years.

Lest my older son cry favoritism, I warn him now, a poem is coming eventually for him too.

For “Vous”

A tower above, an overseer.

They look to you.

A light in troubled times, sometimes battered in the darkness.

Even so, your light shines on.

The sun rises and sets.

You stand tall as tempests surround you.

Patience for calm seas, they never fail to return.

Storms flee at your perseverance.

For you never forget who you are.

Your strength is solid, look to your foundation!

Upon The Rock you stand, proud, until ancient days.

For you are… the lighthouse.

Anne Redmond 2019

2 thoughts on “Consummatum Est, Fili Mi!

  1. Simple and lovely, a wonderful, heartfelt graduation gift to your son!

    1. Thank you, when I wrote it I pictured him reading it 30 years from now and what it would mean to him.

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