I’ll Take a Michigan, Straight

A Michigan straight, so the joke goes in the Midwest, is the way you order a glass of water in this region. I recently got to see a LOT of water on some recent road trips.

A gull lands hoping for a treat in Alpena, MI

A total of 36 hours on the road alone, sure helps you meditate on life and collect your thoughts. I recently had to travel to Alpena, Michigan for two weeks of work. Because of prior obligations at home, I had to make the trip twice, 9 hours each way (with stops) there and back, alone. Deep thoughts, reflections on life, along with loud sing-a-longs with the radio, kept me entertained and awake.

The drive? It was marvelous.

Once-upon-a-time I drove from New Orleans to Orlando along Florida’s gulf coast, expecting to see breathtaking views of the ocean. Instead I got disappointing views of the backsides of condos. Not so, with my drive to Alpena. Starting in Marinette, Wisconsin and there on to Alpena, the views were spectacular. The roads went along desolate, lonely beaches and offered clear, uncluttered views of the lakes.

Manistique East Breakwater Lighthouse

As I drove, the sandy, pale blue waters of Lake Michigan sparkled in the sunlight, gentle waves lapping delicately against the shoreline. There was no anger in Lady Michigan’s mood this trip, as I have written about in the past. Her demeanor was calm, and the views I enjoyed were soothing and relaxing.

Huron blue’s

After crossing the Mackinac Bridge, it was Huron’s turn to gleam. Huron sparkled a deeper blue-green than Michigan, and the softly rippling waves I saw, matched the gentleness of Michigan’s. A married couple one might say, these two lakes are separate but one, being joined together in matrimony by the Straits of Mackinac.

Forty Mile Point Lighthouse

I stopped at a few lighthouses, as time allowed, and other points of interest. Limited by work constraints, other stops would have to wait for a return trip. To tell you the truth, a return trip is definitely in order, as Alpena (and the stops along the way) had much to offer, with the architecture, stunning views and an interesting assortment of things to do.

Sink your toes in the cool water and hunt for treasure!

I would say this drive is one of my top 3 and would not hesitate to do it again. I highly recommend this road trip to anyone looking to do some sightseeing over a long weekend. Do it in fall and it would be even better!

Thunder Bay River in Alpena, MI

My travels aren’t over yet as I get set to take off again this Thursday.

Next stops up are Seattle, Washington and British Colombia, Canada, eh? Stay tuned and prepare to come with me.

5 thoughts on “I’ll Take a Michigan, Straight

  1. Good to see another of your “tails”.

    Mary and I had a similar experience of NOT seeing the Gulf Coast when we returned from Florida year before last. We did get to see some of the coast but it required getting a little off course.

    I made a trip to Alpina back in the mid 70s but mine was thanks to the Air Force. Flew in, spent some time wondering around in the woods and flew out, didn’t see anything I would call scenic.

    Good luck in your future travels, I will be looking for your writing, so glad you took that class.

  2. Hey Lar!

    You must not have been able to drive along the lake shore on your trip. Stuck in the woods playing war games, I imagine? I’ll bet “wondering around in the woods” wasn’t a typo either!! Alpena reminded me a LOT of Port Washington. Historic buildings, a marina and good food. Hopefully I have enough brain cells left to keep writing… I’m running out with this latest class I’m taking.

    Thanks always for the encouragement!!

  3. Hey there! I haven’t been around for so long, time to set that straight again! Looks like a fabulous trip you had, beautiful area around the lakes I’m sure! Have a great evening!😃😺

    1. Thanks Steve, I’ve been traveling a lot and unable to write much. I hope that will change come October – fall is my favorite time of year! Looks like you had some fantastic travels yourself this year!

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