She’s a Vallea Girl

The little girl, she sings, she dances and twirls in the dark. As she spins, sparkles kick up and surround her in light. The old man plays guitar and the animals dance with her, lighting up the night.

The great bear of the woods

We stood in line, waiting for the bus that would take us 20 minutes away, to a place called Vallea Lumina. This was a light show combined with a nighttime hike I had read about. The night was cool and a low mist hung in the air, droplets of rain threatening but never quite turning into the showers that we feared might ruin our hike.

It was a perfect night for a mystical walk. I had read about Vallea and it was on my list of things to do while in Whistler, BC. I was a bit concerned about what it might be like, considering I was the only female in a party of five, two of my group being teenagers. Would they be bored or would Vallea be all that the reviews promised?

The duo at camp, before getting lost

As we walked through the gates we could see a hint of colorful glow throughout the dark forest. We walked in, and the story began… Two hikers were lost in the forest, an old man and a young girl, a pre-teen I’d guess by the looks of her. It was our job to follow their last known steps to try and find them. The old man and little girl told their tale via catchy songs and dazzling graphics as we walked deeper into the forest to follow them.

The hike went up and up and up the mountainside, which very nearly taxed me, given the pain I endure from the side effects from my cancer meds. The sounds and multi-colored array distracted me from all that, as we walked from station to station through a dark path in the woods, in search of the lost hikers.

Black lights, 3D holograms and beautiful laser lighting throughout the forest, made it a sight for the eyes to devour. In all, the hike lasted about an hour or more, depending on how long one chose to linger at each station. We paused to hear a song, learn their story and see the colorful light show surrounding the old man and the girl as they told their tale, bit by bit.

As the hike ended, we were treated to an extra-spectacular light show in 3D holographic fashion, as the old man and the girl sang and danced the finale with the forest animals. The fish from the stream shot up into the sky, in blazing silver and gold sparkles, alternating dances with the great forest creatures.

Fish arise joyfully into the air

Ultimately, we never quite learn just what happened to the duo. It’s like they headed off alone into the valley, never to come back.

Off to the valley they go

I was concerned that the teen-aged boys in our group would be bored by the Vallea experience, but surprisingly they said they actually enjoyed it. They did make note that they thought it was a bit creepy for an old man to take off into the woods with a little girl, and never be heard from again. I agreed, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt for them to do a bit of a re-write. Father-daughter explorer team, perhaps?

Only the trees know the way.

Still, it was a magical hike, the weather was perfect and the forest, music, and lights were astounding!

Would I recommend it? Would I go again?

Fer sure, fer sure.

2 thoughts on “She’s a Vallea Girl

  1. Looks like it must have been interesting, possibly the weather adding to the storyline and light show. Agree about choice of characters, especially with their final disappearance into the woods evidentually without explanation.

    Much better use of your “down time”, years ago my down time was usually spent in a local tavern.

    1. Larry, you MUST visit Whistler someday. It is simply amazing! Next year we’re exploring Banff possibly, but it will be hard to outdo Whistler. Three weeks in New Mexico coming up for me next. Probably no time to do anything there due to work. We shall see…

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