The Royal Highnesses

The radio awakens me rudely from a sweet, pleasant sleep. I groan. As I fumble for the snooze button, the morning DJ presents the listeners with this question: “What would you prefer, to be royalty back in the 1700’s with servants, unlimited wealth and to rule over a nation? Or would you prefer to be where you are right now, with all of the modern amenities?”

A showcase of my mother’s quilts

Click. The radio is silenced. I snuggle deep down in my bed, listening to the winter winds howl bitterly outside, reluctant to get up and step out onto the cold wood floor.

My mind wanders to the question the DJ presented. Wealth or modern amenities? I think about my nice, warm bed. That’s a modern amenity I wouldn’t give up.

My bed is my winter sanctuary, it’s plush and piled high with layers of blankets and pillows. While my husband is gone on a snowmobile trip, I luxuriate in the center, hogging the bed and all of the blankets into a massive cocoon of warm bliss.

My favorite quilt, which was made by my mother, is soft and worn, a quilt-of-many-colors. I feel like royalty wrapped in motherly love.

My mind returns to the royals of days past and how their lumpy-layered mattresses have no comparison to the luxury of restful modern beds that are commonplace today. I snuggle deeper into the blankets, musing: who’s really the royal now?

My cat approaches and purrs happily, tapping my face, her claws slightly extended.  She reminds me that the alarm signifies that it’s time for Her Royal Highness to be pet. I run my fingers through her soft fur, before I stretch and reluctantly begin my day.

Mewtwo asleep on a blanket made by my niece

I know sometimes we think life could be better and things aren’t as good as we’d like them to be, but as we sleep sweetly in our own beds, our dreams can take us anywhere and the comfort we feel is beyond royal.

2 thoughts on “The Royal Highnesses

  1. I’m snug as a big right now. With afghans from my great grandmother.. They are the most needed weighted and soft bedding I need. When we get vulnerable and slip into our comfort for sleep… The best and most important thing of the day.. Gotta love that sanctuary.

    1. Oh Steph, this is beautiful <3 I have an afghan that one of my aunts made as a wedding present. She passed several years ago and her memory lives on in the soft blue of each loop of yarn.

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