Hey Good Buddy, You Got Your Ears On?

Google really creeps me out sometimes. I think it is common knowledge that we know Google listens and monitors what we are saying, but today, it REALLY wowed me.

Coincidence? It can’t be.

We had spent the weekend in the touristy town of Wisconsin Dells with family and friends. Upon our arrival, my Jeep’s right front caliper locked up slightly. My assumption is that it was due to the bitterly cold, single-digit temperatures this weekend. It made an exceedingly loud “swish-swish” scraping sound as we traveled around town. I was paranoid riding in it.

After our stay, we faced a two-hour drive home, and we decided to take the backroads, so that we could take the ride back mellow.

I had called up Google Maps to see what the alternative roads to Interstate 90/94 were, and was intent on taking Highway 16 to Portage, Wisconsin for a leg of the trip. Strangely enough, Google must have overheard my discussion with my husband about needing to go slow.

Without my selecting ANY alternate route suggestions, Google suggested a complete line-up of backroads. Creepy. Very. Creepy. But I was surprisingly thankful and grateful.

For you detail-oriented folks, the roads that Google suggested included taking County roads A and T to Levee Road. Levee Road runs along the Wisconsin River and through the Aldo Leopold Nature Preserve.

It was a drive worth taking.

The road appeared to be gravel in some spots and it was loaded with strikingly beautiful winter scenery. Speed limits ranged from 25 mph to 35 mph, which was perfect for my slightly lame vehicle. And after a weekend of swooshy-scary brake noises, on the drive home it stopped completely. Thank you, warmer temperatures.

We made it to Portage, Wisconsin and completed the second leg of our return trip without any issue, at normal driving speeds. Not only did Google suggest a slow backroad, it suggested a beautiful one.

I have mixed feelings about what happened. I LOVE technology, I love predictive text, I love the help I receive in finding what I am looking for, but I REALLY hate the invasion of privacy.

There are stories we can all tell, similar to this. We say something and then we are targeted with ads, despite privacy settings. I am curious what you have experienced, either good or bad, regarding the tech giants listening in. Do you like the help it offers, or do you have an intense aversion to it?

Either way, Google got me home via a safer route. For now, my Jeep is back up and running normally, and once again I’ve got the hammer down.

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