This weekend I got to spend some time with my older sister, who lives in Florida, but is temporarily staying in Woodstock, IL for a few weeks. Woodstock is a lovely little city that is somewhat “famous.”

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Heh, me.

I have race car driver blood running through my veins. My dad used to race stock cars before I was born, winning many a trophy, now long lost. He passed his love of speed on to most of his 11 children.

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Wither Thou Ghost

There’s an old song from the 50’s that is based off the book of Ruth, called “Whither Thou Goest.” I came across the song while co-piloting, as we drove to Georgia and Florida during Christmas and New Year’s break, to see “my people.” If you ever want to come across some interesting music selections, just drive a thousand miles through the mid-section of the country without satellite radio.

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Stable Condition

Both yesterday and again this morning, we celebrated Christmas with family. We feasted, laughed, watched football, listened to Christmas music and enjoyed each other’s company.

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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Today I decorated our Christmas tree. The guys wanted to take naps instead, and I decorated the tree alone, left with poignant memories of when our children were young. The cat kept me company for a while, but even she lost interest, despite the shiny, dangly ornaments hung low for the taking. She will make me pay later, I’m sure.

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