Polar Bare!

I can’t remember ever being so anxious. I’m not an overly uptight person, but my anxiety was never this bad, not even before tests, surgeries, or at weddings. And all of my stress was over a little jump in the lake.

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Wither Thou Ghost

There’s an old song from the 50’s that is based off the book of Ruth, called “Whither Thou Goest.” I came across the song while co-piloting, as we drove to Georgia and Florida during Christmas and New Year’s break, to see “my people.” If you ever want to come across some interesting music selections, just drive a thousand miles through the mid-section of the country without satellite radio.

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Absolute Zero

This was the year I decided to become a Polar Bear. I have always wanted to join the crazies on the lake front and jump in the frigid winter waters of Lake Michigan at noon on New Year’s Day.

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