I’m recently widowed, with 3 boys, and I live in a small town in Wisconsin. One dog, one cat.

I have an AAS in Mechanical Design, a BS in Operations Management and I am currently working on a Masters in Construction Management. Regardless, I’ve learned that passion and experience will out-do a formal education every time.

I was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2018 and completed treatments in late April. The experience certainly changed my priorities and how I view life. In addition to cancer, I lost my husband and my mother within 3 months of each other, early in 2020. A stupid oversight that wasn’t my husband’s fault, cost him his life at the age of 51. Recovery from these great losses, if even possible, doesn’t come easy.

My biggest struggle now, is learning how to laugh again. An overnumerousness of sorrows and setbacks have left in their wake a somber seriousness within me that’s hard to overcome. I want to feel the sun shine within my soul again. Seek and you shall find.

I’m weary, tired, and have had enough of life’s struggles. Right now I’m paralyzed, unable to accomplish much of anything. Giving up is not my nature, but ohhh 2020 threatened to break me. I don’t want to coast through life aimlessly, so my goal is to escape the ordinary. It is a fierce, never-ending battle. And I will win.